St Mary’s Grimsby


Saint Mary’s is a happy, faith based community in the East Marsh of Grimsby where everyone is valued in the name of Jesus Christ.


Saint Mary’s school started from humble beginnings with the first classroom being located in a shed in the grounds of a house in Upper Burgess Street in Grimsby in 1856.  The house was the rented home of Father Bent who was in charge of the Grimsby Mission.  He had the shed converted into a schoolroom and this continued to be used until better premises were acquired.  In 1870 a piece of land was bought at Holme Hill and a new school was built on it.  


The first properly designated St Mary’s School opened in September 1874.  Once on the new site, the school was able to expand and it still occupies this site today, nestled next to the parish of Saint Mary on the Sea.  The school converted to academy status in December 2012 when it became a NoLCAT sponsored academy.  


As a Catholic academy, our Mission is ‘to value all in the name of Jesus the Christ’ and our values and beliefs permeate every aspect of day-to-day learning and life.  You may well ask what makes a Catholic academy different and the answer lies in our ethos of justice, forgiveness, love and compassion – values that are rooted in the scripture and the example of Jesus.  Our academy is a living community where everyone is educated in heart and soul, as well as mind – a place where everyone is equally respected and unconditionally loved. We believe each child is unique in the eyes of God and, as we value and celebrate diversity, our academy is open to children irrespective of faith or background.  As educators, we are here to help children acquire critical thinking skills, to write and speak articulately and to discover their own unique set of gifts, talents and vocation.  


At Saint Mary’s, we have a dedicated team of hard working professionals committed to providing engaging learning opportunities within a broad and balanced curriculum.  Our goal is to have high academic standards and progress, achieved by encouraging and supporting all children to have high aspirations, to believe in themselves and be the best they can be. We aim to do the very best for all the pupils in our care, in every aspect of their life and, as an integral part to this, to ensure that they in turn become people who want to build a better world for all people.


It is a privilege to work with the young children in Saint Mary’s and their parents.


Wellington Street


North East Lincolnshire

DN32 7JX




Catherine McHale (Mrs)



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