St Joseph’s


Saint Joseph’s opened in 1977 due to the determination, dedication and drive of Fr. Finneran, the parish priest of Corpus Christi in Cleethorpes. There had been a Catholic Primary School in Grimsby for a long time and Fr. Finneran and his supporters campaigned and raised money so land could be bought to build St Joseph’s, in Cleethorpes. At first it was thought that there would not be enough pupils to warrant a school in Cleethorpes and it opened with less than twenty pupils, it has now grown to 218 pupils with some classes being oversubscribed.


Saint Joseph’s was initially, an ‘open plan’ school, this created very interesting shaped classrooms. Over the years there have been numerous building projects to try and improve the shape of each classroom. The latest extension was completed in December 2015 which has helped to create a light modern learning environment that allows different rooms for specific purposes, such as a Friendship room, where children are able to spend time discussing various issues with our pastoral teaching assistant; all sessions finish with a ‘chillax’!


The last full Ofsted inspection was in June 2013, which the first as an Academy. St Joseph’s was graded as good with behaviour and safety outstanding. The canonical inspection of November 2013 graded St Joseph’s as outstanding, ‘ reflecting a community whose core purpose and mission, ‘We value all in the name of Jesus, the Christ’, shines through the daily life of the school.’


St. Joseph’s is like an extension of the family unit, everyone knows everyone! Children are taught the importance of using the talents and gifts that God gave them and we celebrate each other’s successes. To treat each other with respect is paramount to being a member of St. Joseph’s be it a school or an academy, this is something which is planned and taught. Each class has a weekly lesson which is devoted to Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development with British Values and Gospel values being at the core.


September 2015 saw the opening of a 20 place nursery in the past there had been pre-school provision this was run by an outside provider. The nursery is staffed and governed by St Joseph’sjust as in the rest of the academy. This has proved to be extremely popular and some sessions are full.  Parents are very keen that their children are exposed to the ethos of St Joseph’s as early as possible.


There has been a breakfast club at St Joseph’s for a number of years, but in September we started Wrap Around Care, which allows children to be cared for from 08:00 until 18:00 each day during term time.


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