St Bernadette’s


St. Bernadette’s is an academy in the Diocese of Nottingham, serving the local community of Ashby and surrounding areas of Scunthorpe.


St. Bernadette’s came into being due to the hard work and dedication of the parish priests and parishioners of St Bernadette’s Parish, beginning as far back as 1946. The laying of the foundation stone took place on July 22nd 1954, and in September 1955 over 300 children were admitted to the new school. We currently have 307 children on roll.


Our aim always has been to nurture the love of God in each individual and to contribute to their development of faith, rooted in the Gospels of Jesus Christ. We aim to make prayer, worship and liturgy valued experiences for all. We work hard to foster lasting links between our academy, home and the parish, striving to create good relationships between all children and adults alike. Our last OFSTED report states, ‘Community cohesion is an outstanding feature of our school where pupils are valued and respected and where they in turn, value and respect each other.’ The curriculum too, has been developed to enable all children to acquire appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding, based on the attitudes and values found within the Gospels. Our new, exciting ‘International Primary Curriculum’ focuses on a combination of academic, personal and international learning. Its skills-based approach aims to develop adaptable and resilient globally-minded learners, prepared for the fast-changing world that our children will be living and working in.


We commit ourselves to continue to maintain and develop St. Bernadette’s as an academy where each unique child is valued and developed fully, in a way which reflects God’s love for each of them as valued members of society.

We are looking forward, in the years ahead, to working with our partner academies within The Northern Lincolnshire Catholic Academy Trust.


Anne’s Crescent


North Lincolnshire

DN16 2LW


Mr M Strong



01724 842382