Trustees (Directors) 

Name Date Appointed Term Of Office Date Stepped Down Appointed by Business & Pecuniary Interests
Mr David Lisle (Chair) 02/03/2012 4 Years* Nottingham Diocese Chair – St Augustine Webster
Mr Jerzy Krawiec  (Vice Chair) 01/09/2016 4 Years Nottingham Diocese Vice Chair- St Marys (Grimsby) Chair- Holy Family
Mr Kevin Coyle 02/03/2012 4 Years* Nottingham Diocese Chair-St Bede’s
Mrs Janet Ducey 02/03/2012 4 Years* Nottingham Diocese Chair-St Mary’s (Grimsby)
Fr Edward Jarosz 02/03/2012 4 Years Nottingham Diocese
Mr Paul Moran 02/03/2012 4 Years* Nottingham Diocese Chair-St Bernadette’s
Mr James O’Shaughnessy 01/09/2015 4 Years Nottingham Diocese Chair-St Mary’s (Brigg)
Mrs Freda Robinson 02/03/2012 4 Years Nottingham Diocese Chair-St Norbert’s
Mrs Maria Wilkins 02/03/2012 4 Years Nottingham Diocese Chair-St Joseph’s
Mrs Michelle Travers 02/03/2012 N/a Principal  St Bede’s
Mrs Ananda Morrisroe 01/09/2015 N/a Principal  St Augustine Webster
Mr Mark Strong 01/09/2015 N/a Principal  St Bernadette’s
Mrs Pamela Tonge 02/03/2012 N/a Principal  St Norbert’s
Mrs Sarah Pollard 02/03/2012 N/a PrincipalSt Joseph’s
Mrs David Sidaway 01/09/2014 N/a Principal  St Mary’s (Brigg)
Mrs Catherine McHale 01/04/2015 N/a PrincipalSt Mary’s (Grimsby)
Mr Christopher Mack 02/03/2012 4 Years Parent Governor St Joseph’s
Mrs Jane Snowden 01/09/2015 4 Years Parent Governor St Norbert’s
Mr Paul McNicholas 02/03/2012 4 Years Nottingham Diocese
Mrs Lucy Amanda Mellows 02/03/2012 4 Years 31/08/2016 Nottingham Diocese
Mrs Louise Wilson 02/03/2014 4 Years 20/06/2016 Nottingham Diocese
* Term extended to 31/8/17






Trustees’ indemnities

The Academy through its Articles has indemnified its Trustees to the fullest extent permissible by law. During the period the Academy also purchased and maintained liability insurance for its Trustees.

Company Secretary 

Paul Kiernan

Senior Management Team 

Michelle Travers, Principal, St Bede’s Catholic Voluntary Academy
Andrea Morrisroe, Principal, St Augustine Webster Catholic Voluntary Academy
Sarah Pollard, Principal, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy
Mark Strong, Principal, St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy
Pamela Tonge, Principal, St Norbert’s Catholic Voluntary Academy
David Sidaway, Principal, St Mary’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy (Brigg)
Catherine McHale, Principal, St Mary’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy (Grimsby)


Forrester Boyd Chartered Accountants
26 South St Mary’s Gate
North East Lincolnshire
DN31 1LW


Lloyds Bank PLC
106 High Street
DN15 6HG


Browne Jacobson LLP
Mowbray House
Castle Meadow Road

The Diocesan Trustees appoint foundation directors. At Least two Parish Priests are Foundation Directors

The Principal of each Academy is appointed as a Director

The Chair of each local Governing Body is appointed as a Director. The appointment of Chairman of each local Body is completed at each Local Governing Body meeting in the autumn term by way of a vote process within this meeting.


Parent Directors are elected by the parent members of the Local Governing Body of the Academies

The Secretary of State may also appoint additional Governors if he feels it appropriate and ultimately has the power to in effect take over the Governance of the Academy. The Secretary of State has not appointed any additional Governors.

Organisational structure

  • Each Academy runs its own day to day management
  • All Academies follow the CES (Catholic Education Service) policies where they exist as instructed by the Diocese.
  • Other policies are initiated by the Principal of each Academy and are taken to the Local Governing Bodies for ratification.
  • Each Local governing Body has its own sub committees which include Finance, Personnel and Health and Safety
  • The Principal and Chairman of each Academy reports to the Academy Trust (NOLCAT) three times a year. These reports focus on Standards, Finance and Personnel issues.
  • The Academy Trust considers joint projects where it would be financial beneficial to work together

Risk management

At its termly meetings the Academy Trust reviews that systems and procedures are in place to manage risk. The Statement of Internal Control has been considered already by the Academy Trust. A risk register has been compiled and strategies have been put in place by the Academy Trust to manage risk.

Connected organisations, including related party relationships

The Academy Trust is under the Trusteeship of the Diocese of Nottingham. The Trust is instructed by the Diocese to follow the CES polices. Each Academy within the Trust pays an Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the Diocese for support and training on educational matters.

Objectives and activities

Objects and aims

As a Trust the individual Academies agree to maintain unity and explore together the options available to secure the future of Catholic Schools in Northern Lincolnshire. All this is carried out whilst jointly pursuing the principal activities mentioned at the outset.

Objectives, strategies and activities

At the Trust meetings as evidenced by the minutes, joint policies, projects, procurement and C.P.D are considered and acted upon as appropriate.

  • Joint projects have allowed the academies to negotiate costs with providers at a benefit to each individual academy
  • Joint C.P.D. has enabled training at cost effective price
  • The sharing of good practice has enabled individual schools to continue to provide a high level of educational performance and achievement.

Public benefit


The Academy Trust has had due regard to the guidance on public benefit published by the Charities Commission. The Trust wishes to promote the benefit of individuals living in Northern Lincolnshire through education and community use of facilities. All Academies are truly comprehensive and diverse in nature.



Going concern 

After making appropriate enquiries, the Governing Body has a reasonable expectation that the Academy Trust has adequate resources to continue in operational existence for the foreseeable future. For this reason it continues to adopt the going concern basis in preparing the financial statements. Further details regarding the adoption of the going concern basis can be found in the Statement of Accounting Policies. These conclusions apply at both individual academy and full trust level.

Meetings Attended Out of a Possible
L A Mellows 4 4
K J Coyle 4 4
J Ducey 3 4
E S Jarosz 2 4
D Lisle 3 4
C R Mack 2 4
P McNicholas 2 4
F Robinson 1 4
P Moran 4 4
J O’Shaughnessy 1 4
J Snowden 1 3
M Wilkins 3 4
M Strong 4 4
P Tonge 4 4
M M Travers 4 4
A Morrisroe 4 4
C McHale 2 2
D Sidaway 4 4
S  Pollard 4 4
J Williams 4 4
L Wilson 4 4



NoLCAT Audit Committee





Meetings Attended





Out of a


M Travers 3 3
C Mack 2 3
D Lisle 3 3
A Mellows 3 3


Pecuniary Interests
Pecuniary interests are recorded at each NoLCAT meeting. We have none recorded for the above directors.

Local Governing Bodies for the Trust Academies
Further information regarding Governors can be found on the individual Academy web sites.

St Bede’s St Bernadette’s St Mary’s Brigg St Mary’s Grimsby
Kevin Coyle (Chair) P Moran (Chair) James O’Shaughnessy (Chair) J Ducey (Chair)
Pam Readhead P Connell Gill Smith E Campbell
Michelle Travers V Grimes David Sidaway B Henry
Margaret Waldron P Hayne Joanne Charles-Lee K Ironmonger
Kirsty Matthews B James Rebecca Hickey L Jordan
Father E Jarosz C Kennedy Suki Jackson B Kondej-Ostrowska
Mark Thompson P King Sara Kendall G Krawiec
Helga Jaques J Moran Gareth Scott C McHale
Mrs A Pike A Brzozowski Rachel Taylor J Perry
Kate Hornsby M Strong John Pendlebury A Purdon
Jackie Kelly M Waldron Penny Smith Father Martin
Krystyna Newman J F Williams Peter Uwechue
Helen Yates Richard Earlam
Rita Stapleton
St Norbert’s St Augustine Webster St Joseph’s
F Robinson (Chair) David Lisle (Chair) Maria Wilkins (Chair)
T Evans Eve Carlisle Margaret Henry
M Flack Andrew Zaborowski Amanda Leadbeater
Father Offer Nigel Dowse Christopher Mack
K Hopper-Peart Father E Jarosz Sarah Pollard
A Dawson Anne Drayton Graham Purdue
M Robinson Mrs B Wynne Rachael Shaw
J Snowden A Morrisroe Emily Powell
P Tonge Margaret Arrand
C Kelsey
C Turner
K Dunn



Copies of the following information for the Trust is available under polices

Articles of Association

Scheme of Delegation

Master Funding Agreement